The Palace of Versailles

As promised, here is my post of my visit to the Palace of Versailles.  This was one of the main reasons I visited Paris this time, and I am so glad I got to visit.  It’s so much more impressive (and bigger) than I thought it would be.  The gardens are so big, they have their own bus service, and you can rent golf buggies by the hour!

I am seriously in love with this little mill.  I think I took around three dozen photos of just this one building!  It’s so cute!

Cake Number 14: Green Tea Roulade (Japan)

Green Tea Roulade1

Looks like I can’t make Swiss Roll!  I even did the thing where you’re supposed to roll it as soon as it comes out of the oven – and it held its shape then, letting me naively think that my cake was gonna turn out well for once!  And then, the cake cooled, I unrolled it, and it broke into three, even parts.  Gutted!

Green Tea Roulade3

So now, instead of a Swiss Roll, it’s a Swiss Tube (and it’s a bit burned because the thermostat on my oven is broken and everything burns, whether it’s covered in tin foil or not).

I couldn’t find any green tea powder, so I made do with green tea bags and steeped it for ages – it was really strong!  But there’s no green tea flavour at all, which is a bit disappointing.

This is a really dense cake – and it was so satisfying to make.  I had to whisk 8 eggs yolks and 6 egg whites (separately, obviously), and then add the whites to the yolks and then add the flour mixture – and it was so big!  All that air in the whisked eggs!  I loved it!

Green Tea Roulade6