Exciting News!

Sorry I’ve been MIA this last couple months – I’ve been super busy!  I now have about 2 and a half weeks left in Madeira, and it has been amazing.  I’ve just found out where I’m being placed next summer…….Skiathos!  I am super excited!  Mamma Mia was filmed there as well (and I watched it just last week.  Fate?).  I want to go now!

View of old town, Skiathos

Moving to Madeira

So, I’ve been AWOL for a bit.  But I have the best excuse!  I’ve just started working as a holiday rep with TUI and I now live in Madeira!  I just got here on Monday, but I love it so far.  You guys can expect lots of posts about Madeira in the future, but, to tide you over just now, I’m going to post these lovely photos  🙂