Florence 2014

After not having travelled in five years, I visit Venice and then the next year I visited Florence.  Two holidays in two years – I was on a roll!

I travelled again with my mum and we decided to get a taxi from the airport to the hotel, as they were set at 20 Euros.  I got my first experience of Italian driving.  And it was terrifying.  If there was a space, a car would be instantly in it.  Horns honking, other drivers waving their hands in annoyance at everything.  And our taxi driver was surprisingly calm throughout all of it.  She was really chatty and pointed out sights to us, like our own personal tour guide.

I knew our hotel was near to the cathedral but I didn’t realise that you could actually see it from the windows.  The hotel was literally not even a minute away from the cathedral and it was amazing.

 Florence Cathedral 1

Again, we spent the first couple of days looking around the touristy sights – one of my favourites was Michelangelo’s David.  It was incredible!  I’d definitely recommend it.  I’d also recommend the Pitti Palace, just so you can wander around the Boboli Gardens.  They were huge, there wasn’t a flat area anywhere, I saw a newt (at least I think it was a newt), I petted a cat and I loved every bit of it.  The gardens are beautiful – so many statues and fountains!

Boboli Gardens 19

Florence is quite a small city, so my mum and I managed to see all of the touristy things that we wanted to within the first couple of days, and we had the last day to just get lost.  We also visited the archaeology bit underneath the cathedral – I saw a skull, so that was pretty cool 🙂


If I had longer than two weeks for my upcoming holiday, then I would have tried to spend another day in Florence.  As it is, I’m really only going to be seeing the train station – I thought, only having two weeks to explore, that it’d be nice to see and experience somewhere new.

Again, roll on the end of March!

David 2

Florence 2014
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