Prague 2015

I know it’s sad to admit this but, before this trip, the only holidays I’d had with friends were school ski trips.  But they don’t really count, do they, as you’re surrounded by teachers?

So I was thrilled for this trip.  It was only for four days, but I think four days is a good amount of time for a city-break.

Unfortunately, the trip didn’t start off so well.  The flight was fine but, as soon as we landed, I had to run to a bathroom and literally just made it before I was sick.  I felt better after that, so thought everything was fine.

Boy, was I wrong!  We got to the hotel and I started feeling a bit sicky again, so asked where the bathroom was while my friend checked us in.  The receptionist told me, and off I went.


I couldn’t find the bathroom.  I ended up in the hotel courtyard, being sick into a drain.  I don’t think I’ve ever been so embarrassed in my life.  Thankfully, the receptionist was lovely about it, she got me water and even upgraded our room (which was lovely) but I still felt super embarrassed and awkward.  And thankfully(!) that was the end of my mysterious sickness.


The rest of the trip was lovely.  We expected to spend the first day mainly in the castle complex and we managed to get that done.  We also managed to walk all over Prague and see the astronomical clock tower and the Jewish cemetery and get all the touristy stuff out of the way.    Seriously, you look at something and think ‘that’s about a twenty minute walk away’ and five minutes later, you’re there.  Which was quite a novelty for us, as we’d lived in Edinburgh for four years and when you look somewhere and think ‘that’s about a ten minute walk away’, you’re still walking there half an hour later.


Moving on from all the touristy stuff, everything is really cheap.  Beer is cheaper than juice – no joke.  I took out about £200 pounds worth of Czech Koruna and still had about half of it left over at the end of my trip.  Our last night in Prague, my friend and I decided we’d eat somewhere expensive to try and use up our Koruna.  We found a nice (if a little bit touristy) restaurant on a boat.  We got a delicious starter, main, pudding and a few glasses of Prosecco and it still only came to about £20 each.

St Vitus Cathedral 1

I loved it there.  I’d definitely go back, and maybe get a day trip to Cesky Krumlov.  That place looks like it’s right out of a fairytale 🙂

Prague 2015
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