Top 8 Places to Eat in Edinburgh

Even though I lived in Edinburgh for four years, I didn’t eat out an awful lot – what with being a broke student and all that.  But my friends and I did treat ourselves every now and again.  These are my favourite places to eat in Edinburgh!

Be prepared for your minds to be blown at the quality of these restaurants.  Just kidding!  Half of these are probably takeaways – I told you I was a student at the time, right?

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8. Amarone – This was where my friends and I went for a little treat when we actually had money (we only went twice…).  This is a lovely restaurant with amazing pumpkin ravioli.  And so much good wine!  I love wine 🙂
Address: 13 St Andrew Square, Edinburgh, EH2 2AF

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7. Dragonfly Cocktail Bar – This isn’t technically a restaurant – it’s a cocktail bar – but it’s still amazing.  I recommend the Joe le Taxi cocktail – definitely my favourite!
Address: 52 West Port, Edinburgh, EH1 2LD

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6. Hard Rock Cafe – Even though it’s a chain restaurant, I still love this place.  It’s a good place for a fun time with friends – and the Long Island Iced Tea is a favourite of mine (I like a good drink 😛 )
Address: 20 George St, Edinburgh, EH2 2PH


5. The GY Chinese Takeout – Technically, this is not a restaurant either but this was a staple for my flatmates and I when we were in the mood for Chinese food.  The guy who served us was always really smiley and we got heaps of free chopsticks.  Plus, the crispy seaweed is amazing (I have one of my vegetarian flatmates to thank for introducing me to it!)
Address: 27 Roseneath Place, EH9 1JD


4. Salvatore’s – This again, is mainly a takeaway, but there’s a small area for sitting in – although I’ve never actually sat in the restaurant bit before.  This was where my friends and I used to end up after a night of drinking – the best chips and cheese in town (but that might be because we usually had a few drinks before going here!).  Also, get a macaroni pie!  I love macaroni pies but they don’t seem to be very common outside of the North East of Scotland – Salvatore’s was the only place I could find them in Edinburgh!
Address: 16 Roseneath Street, EH9 1JH

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3. Black Medicine Cafe – Definitely my favourite cafe in Edinburgh.  It was just around the corner from my flat and my flatmates and I used to end up here whenever our internet was down – or if we wanted an amazing sandwich!  It also has freshly squeezed juice, gorgeous smoothies, and there’s a piano!  I loved playing that piano 🙂
Address: 2 Nicolson St, Edinburgh, EH8 9DH


 2. Illegal Jacks – If you love burritos, then this is the place to go.  You choose all the individual ingredients you want and the burrito gets made in front of you.  And it’s right across the road from the Odeon cinema – so if you want a pre-movie meal, then I recommend going here!
Address: 113-117 Lothian Road, Edinburgh, EH3 9AN

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1. Kismot – My favourite restaurant is Edinburgh.  This is an Indian restaurant – and they have an amazing selection for a really good price!  They have the ‘hottest curry in Scotland’ and it even comes with its own warning in the menu – I was there when someone ordered it and the waiter came out to the ‘Jaws’ theme tune, with a gas mask over his face – it was very amusing.  If you do go here, you have to try the chocolate naan – if you like chocolate spread or Nutella, then you will love this.
Address: 29 St Leonards St, Edinburgh, EH8 9QN

Top 8 Places to Eat in Edinburgh
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