Top 5 things to do in Turin

I wish I had spent more than one day in Turin – there’s so much to see!  I will go back one day!

DSC_03345. Go on the Metro

This is probably the fanciest subway that I have ever been on.  I can see a lot of people scoffing at this being included in my list but my excuse is that I live in the middle of nowhere in the North East of Scotland and it’s very rare that I get to go on a subway!

DSC_05084. Eat apple gelato

I can’t remember the name of the shop that I bought my apple gelato from but the owners were old and sweet and hardly spoke any English (and I hardly speak any Italian!).  The ice cream itself was basically like an apple-slush-puree thing and it was delicious.

DSC_04643. The Royal Palace of Turin

Unfortunately for me, there’s a lot of work going on at the Royal Palace of Turin at the moment (which is good for them but was a bit of a downer for me, as I didn’t get to see much) but it was worth it to see the Palace itself.  It’s a very impressive building!

DSC_04002. Museo Egizio

The second biggest Egyptian museum in the world after Cairo, I loved this!  I’ve always loved Ancient Egypt and I spent a good couple hours in this museum – the actual Ancient Egyptian tomb is a must-see!

DSC_05461. The Shroud of Turin

This was an odd experience for me.  I showed up at the church the Shroud is in expecting to have to elbow people out of my way but nope!  It was completely empty!  The two, sweet old ladies at the ticket desk only made me pay 1 Euro instead of the usual 6 as there was no one else there.  The Shroud itself is really interesting to see – it’s bigger than I thought it would be!

Top 5 things to do in Turin

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