Cake Number 4: Black Russian Cake (Russia)

Black Russian Cake Edit3

I’m still going with the baking challenge!  And this cake was surprisingly easy to make (and it’s full of alcohol, so that’s a bonus!)  The alcohol in it packs quite the punch – I don’t think I’ve ever put vodka in a cake before.  Student-me would have made this a staple!  Although, now-me might give the Kahlua-vodka syrup a miss next time!

I love my bundt tin – all my cakes look so pretty in it (although I wish the filling hadn’t bubbled as much as it has)!  And I’m so glad I didn’t have to put rolled icing on this because, with my (lack of) artistic skills, can you imagine the crap it would look like?

The cake itself tasted pretty good – the chocolate wasn’t overpowering (but the Nutella-double cream filling was super sweet!  Definitely need a drink with it – alcohol optional).  The cake has some vodka and Kahlua in it but not very much, just enough to give it a hint of the flavour.  It’s the syrup that packs a punch!  As soon as I made it, I was like ‘Woah!’.  And the cake is covered in it 🙂

At least I don’t have to work this weekend, with all this alcohol that I’ll be consuming (because cake).

Black Russian Cake Edit1

Cake Number 4: Black Russian Cake (Russia)

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