Top 5 Things to do in Milan

Milan was lovely – it’s a lot more modern than the other places I’ve visited in Italy but that didn’t reduce its charm at all!  Here’s my Top 5 things to do in Milan.

Old Milan Walls5. Archaeology Museum

I mainly visited here because I walked past it and saw that it was a museum but I found it really interesting (if I hadn’t chosen to do Chemistry at university, I would have done Archaeology).  There’s parts of the original city walls in the courtyard (and a really creepy-looking dummy in one of the towers.  I swear I jumped about a mile when I saw it – I was not expecting it!)


4. Galleria Vittorio Emanuelle II

Definitely the fanciest shopping centre I’ve ever been in – only designer shops are give the privilege of being here.  Have a wander around Prada and Gucci, among others (and, like me, feel sad when you can’t afford to splash out on a fancy handbag!)

Sforza Castle3. Sforza Castle

I loved the look of this – it’s so unusual compared to the other castles that I’ve seen in Italy.  I spent a good couple hours wandering around all the little museums inside – Michelangelo’s Rondanini Pieta is a must-see!

The Last Supper2. Da Vinci’s The Last Supper

I was extremely lucky to see this!  I booked my ticket months in advance and showed up for my scheduled time, only to find out that the museum staff were on strike and the museum was closed!  Fortunately, just as I was away to leave, a member of staff came out of the building and there was, amazingly, a space left for the next day.  So I got to see The Last Supper after all!  It’s bigger than I thought and I loved it – I love anything to do with da Vinci, really!

IMG_09861. Milan Cathedral

One of the highlights of my trip, I bought a ticket that included going on the roof, seeing the archaeological site underneath the Cathedral, and visiting the museum across the road.  I showed up just after 9am and decided to go on the roof first.  I’m glad I did!  There were maybe only half a dozen other people up there and the roof is unlike any other cathedral roof I’d been up before.  The inside of the Cathedral was also beautiful but, in my opinion, it paled in comparison to the roof!  I’d definitely recommend it!

Top 5 Things to do in Milan
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