Cake Number 13: Rogel Toffee Cake (Argentina)

Rogel Toffee Cake1

Today is the day that I found out that my dad owns a blowtorch.  So, of course, I had to bake something involving meringues so I could use said blowtorch.  That wasn’t the only reason I made these, though.

The other reason is because I love dulce de leche – but, unless you’re buying it in a cake, it’s almost impossible to find in Scotland (although, I’m sure Edinburgh and Glasgow would probably sell it).  I was gonna make my own, as I have a can of condensed milk in my cupboard, but I made the mistake of looking up horror stories where the can has exploded…so I cheated and bought some Carnation’s caramel sauce (I’ve used it before when making banoffee pie, so I knew it tasted good!).  I might work up the courage to make my own dulce de leche one day…if I’ve got absolutely no other alternative (I’d rather not have to clean it off the ceiling!).

Rogel Toffee Cake2

This cake is lovely!  And it was so fiddly having to roll it out so thin to cut (0.5mm.  And I actually mean mm and not cm!).  I was so careful to keep it from ripping – my tongue was sticking out in concentration and everything!

I think I overcooked the meringue — I wasn’t supposed to let the bowl touch the simmering water when whisking the eggs, but I didn’t realise until the water starting spewing out of the pan (I’d only used a tiny amount of water as well!).

Rogel Toffee Cake3

I love this cake – it’s basically a bunch of biscuits (can’t go wrong with biscuits!) stacked together with dulce de leche – or, in this case, caramel – and topped with meringue (which I then went to town on with the blowtorch).

I got all excited after I made this cake because it actually looks good (for once!), and then my dad, who was cutting the grass outside, managed to send a stone through the window and broke it – so that got more attention.  Whoops!


Cake Number 13: Rogel Toffee Cake (Argentina)
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