Top 10 Solo Travel Tips

Solo Travel Tips

Travelling by yourself is so much different than travelling with someone but it is so rewarding.  I would recommend it to anyone – in my opinion, everyone has to travel solo at some point in their lives.  Check out my top 10 solo travel tips!


10. Travelling solo makes planning easier

You don’t have to constantly keep in contact with travel companions whilst you choose when and where to go.


9. You don’t have to worry about annoying people

I like to wander around museums (I could spend all day in a museum.  I’m not even kidding).  This could, potentially, get annoying for someone travelling with me.


8. It’s easier to interact with locals

I’m naturally quite shy and introverted, and travelling solo made me interact with people.  Waiters and museum staff, etc, are all more likely to have conversations with you if you’re travelling alone – and it was an excellent way for me to practice my Italian!


7. It will boost your confidence

Trust me on this.  As I mentioned above, I’m super shy, but travelling alone really helped to boost my confidence.  By the time I was away to head home, I found that, more often than not, I was the one to start conversations with people, rather than waiting for them to speak to me.


6. You can do what you want

If one of your regular travel partners is a night-owl while you’re an early-bird, travelling alone means that you don’t have to compromise – you can do what you want!


5. You’ll get to know yourself better

Travelling alone, you’ll figure out exactly what you like and what you like to avoid, as well as learning new things about yourself.


4. You don’t have to wait for anyone

If you’re constantly waiting for all of your friends to have time/money/whatever to travel, then you’re never going to go anywhere.


3. The experience is like none other

This doesn’t even need a caption.  Just trust me – you need to travel alone at some point in your life.


2. It can teach you a lot about other cultures

The first couple of times I went to Italy, I was with someone and wasn’t bothered by anyone.  The moment I show up alone?  The guys are all interested (although, my newly-blonde hair may have helped).  It’s a normal thing for guys in Italy to call you ‘bella’ as you walk by them in the street, or to flirt with you if you’re stood outside a restaurant.  I am not used to this at all and, at first, it was daunting.  But, when I realised that this was just a thing that guys do in Italy and they mean no harm by it, I found that it would brighten up my day a bit more (especially on travel days when I was wearing hardly any make-up, my hair was a mess, and I had on my comfiest clothes and my huge backpack.  Having a guy compliment you when you look like crap feels amazing!)


1. It’s not as scary as you think

Seriously, the moment I stepped on the plan on my way to Rome, the nerves kicked in.  I was travelling alone!  I wasn’t going to have anyone to do the talking for me!  I was going to have to do everything myself!  But, as soon as I landed in Rome and saw the sun, the fear just…disappeared.  Which, I know, this probably doesn’t happen for everyone, but it was so worth travelling solo.

Top 10 Solo Travel Tips
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