Cake Number 20: Kransekake (Norway)


If this cake wasn’t so darn big, I’d make it all the time!  I love making Kransekake (and the fact that in the half-a-dozen, or so, times I’ve made it and it hasn’t gone wrong helps!).  This cake is easily a foot and a half tall – and I probably should have waited until my Dad’s home from offshore to make it, as it’s just Mum and me in the house.  Oh well – I might take it into work and hope they like it!


This tastes a little bit like a macaron (it’s full of almonds) but has a chewier texture.  Most recipes I’ve found for it call for the marzipan to be ready-made, or shop bought (this book did!).  But, I decided to go back to my tried-and-tested method of making the marzipan from scratch.  There’s something so satisfying about making stuff from scratch and having it work!


I’m so tempted to just keep making a bunch of mini-Kransekake – just so I can make Kransekake!!

Cake Number 20: Kransekake (Norway)
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