Venice 2013

I thought, since I’m not going away until the end of March, that I can’t just not post anything, can I?  So, until then, I’m going to post about my previous ‘adventures’ – of which there are, unfortunately, not many.  But, I’m determined that that’s going to change!

My first trip abroad in five years.  The last was to Paris just before I started university and, I have to admit, my style was horrible then.  Stripes with camouflage?  In Paris?  What was I thinking?  I like to think that my style has improved.  I mean, it can’t get much worse than stripes and camouflage, can it?

Murano Statue

So, my first trip in five years.  I was super excited (I sound like a kid writing that).  I went with my mum and, the moment I stepped off the plane and the heat hit me, a huge grin spread over my face and I started melting.  Admittedly, I probably wouldn’t have chosen to go to Venice in July – I would have preferred spring or summer time, since Italy in summer is hot – but I was still at college and I only had two weeks off in the middle of July (I also had a week off in April but I hadn’t thought about travelling then).  Sure, I was going to melt.  But I didn’t care.  Because I was abroad.

My mum and I got a waterbus to the main island and I was instantly in love with the place.  No cars, boats everywhere, the walls of the buildings crumbling slightly from where the floods had reached them – I loved every bit of it.

Gondola Ride (5) Edited

The first couple of days, my mum and I did a few touristy things – St Mark’s Square, Doge’s Palace (I saw Casanova’s cell which was interesting – the ceiling was really low!), we climbed the bell tower (and we were up there when the bells went off, which was cool – boy, were those bells loud!) the Ponte de Rialto, and I just fell more and more.

The gondola ride was really nice – we shared with an American family, as the price is per gondola not per person.  Sort of wish that we’d just paid the extra money and had the gondola to ourselves – that family hated everything!  While my mum and I loved all the history around us, the family (especially the daughter) were unimpressed by everything.  They kept complaining that there weren’t enough chain stores and insulting the gondola profession (to the gondolier!).  This only caused my mum and I to be more enthusiastic about everything and extra nice to the gondolier, which he seemed to appreciate.  Seriously, that family are what give American tourists a bad name…  But I wouldn’t let that ruin my holiday!

On our last day in Venice, we took a boat ride out to the smaller islands of Murano and Burano.  We visited the glass museum in Murano (I now really, really want to attend a glass-making class – it looks fascinating), and had a little wander.  We ended up in a chandelier store and, if we were millionaires, we would have definitely ended up with one – they’re so over the top it’s amazing.  After this, we got a boat to Burano.


I don’t think I’ve ever loved a place more than I loved Burano.  All those colours.  It was gorgeous.  We spent the rest of the day here wandering around, visiting the lace museum and eating gelato (obviously not in the museum!)

Burano (3)

And, ever since I left Venice, I’ve wanted to go back.  And now I am!  I can’t wait!

My Trip Plans

My first trip abroad alone.  I’m super excited (and also kinda terrified because, well, it’s my first trip alone)!  With my job, I work two weeks straight and then get 18 days off, which is amazing because, 18 days off!  But it’s also kind of a bummer, as it’s two weeks straight of 12 hour shifts.  But, anyway, because of the 18 days off thing, I’ve managed to arrange the longest holiday I’ve had in about a decade.

Me 2

So!  What am I planning on doing?

At the end of March, I plan on flying out to Rome and, two weeks and a bunch of trains later, I’m going to end up in Venice in the middle of April.  Do you want to know the (sad) reason that I finally decided to do this?

I turn 26 in October and I’ve wanted to go Interrailing for years.  However, when you turn 26, the prices shoot up.  So that finally made me go for it.  Yep, the reason that I finally decided to go travelling by myself was because I wanted cheap trains.  Sad, right?

But, moving on!

I’m going to start in Rome and spend a few days there, before making my way to Pisa for a day.  I’m then going to spend another few days wandering around Cinque Terre (I’m staying in Manarola), then I’m spending a day in Turin.  After that, I’m going to spend two days in Milan, one day in Verona, half a day in Padua and my final three days in Venice.

I know I’m missing out quite a lot of places but I only have two weeks and I’d like to be able to experience the places I’m visiting.  Plus, it gives me an excuse to go back and visit the places I missed 😀

I can see all the seasoned travellers and backpackers rolling their eyes at my visiting touristy places but I don’t care!  I’ve wanted to visit these places forever (and I’ve wanted to go back to Venice ever since I first visited three years ago), so I’m excited!

If any of you have any ideas of places that I need to go to, then I’d love to hear them 🙂

Roll on the 30th of March!!