Cake Number 15: Guinness and Chocolate Cupcakes (Ireland)

Guiness Cupcakes1

I know it’s nowhere near St Patrick’s Day but I can never resist a Guinness cake – and I’ve just bought a new dual-icing piping kit and wanted to try it out.  And it works!

Guiness Cupcakes2

I decided to only make two cupcakes, as my Dad (who’s my main cake tester) is offshore, so I just made one for me and one for my Mum.  Plus, I’ve applied for Air Traffic Controller training, and I didn’t want to spend the entire day in the kitchen, as I need to study for my aptitude tests next week (wish me luck!)

Guiness Cupcakes3

The cupcake I’ve tried is delicious.  Moist (and I hate using that word!), chocolately, and lovely.  Fingers crossed the other one tastes just as good for my Mum!

Cake Number 5: Croquembouche Cupcakes (France)

Croquembouche Cupcakes Edit1

My first attempt at making a Croquembouche!!  Admittedly, they’re mini ones, and they’re stacked on top of cupcakes, but I’m so happy with how they turned out!  And they taste pretty good (I’m not a big profiterole fan but these are okay).

Croquembouche Cupcakes Edit3

It was actually pretty easy to make this cake (and it only took me a couple of hours!) but, I know if I was making a big Croquembouche, then it would taste forever (I’m assuming but I won’t know until I actually make one).

Croquembouche Cupcakes Edit2

The cupcake is just a bog-standard vanilla cupcake but they taste really good, too – nice and moist (I don’t know if I love or hate that word…).  The caramel on the Croquembouche bit has gone nice and crunchy – I like it, but I don’t know if that’s supposed to happen with a Croquembouche.  Oh well.  The next picture isn’t a picture of the finished cake but I was so pleased with my piping, that I had to share it 😀

Croquembouche Cupcakes Edit4

I’m thinking I might take a break from the challenge at some point and make a huge one.  I really wanna see how that turns out!!