Dutch Apple Cake

Cake Number 7: Dutch Apple Cake (Holland)

Dutch Apple Cake1

My Dad’s home from offshore, so that means I can make more cakes!! (My Mum and I don’t eat much cake usually…).  For cake number 7 (7 cakes in a month!  Go me!), I have decided on the Dutch Apple Cake – mainly because it has apples and brandy in it, and I love apples and brandy.  And it’s got a little bit of cinnamon in it, so it smells like Christmas (even though it’s the middle of June).

Dutch Apple Cake4

As you can see from the picture, my apple cutting skills are atrocious.  I seriously need to get that sorted (an unneeded excuse to make another cake!) but, thankfully, the taste more than makes up for the presentation.

Dutch Apple Cake3

This cake tastes amazing!  It’s just like apple pie – but with sponge instead of pastry.  The apples keep the sponge from going dry and the brandy compliments it all perfectly!  And, surprisingly (for me, anyway), the apples stay nice and crunchy.  This is definitely going to be one to make again – but maybe closer to Christmas.  Not sure if it’s just me, but I think it tastes like Christmas 🙂