Cake Number 8: Frog Cakes (Australia)

Frog Cakes2

Huh.  These are a disaster, even for me!  I’m so glad my niece showed up and distracted me, so I only ended up making 3 of these horrors.  Admittedly, they actually taste really nice (I’m good at making things taste nice but my cakes usually end up looking like something that you would never want to put in your mouth in a million years as soon as I try and decorate them.  I haven’t got an artistic bone in my body, unfortunately).

If you’re keen to make these, they’re actually pretty simple.  It’s basically just a plain vanilla cake, topped with some buttercream.  And then, if you decide to ice them (good luck!  I really need to attend a course just so I know what to do…), simply use rolled icing and voila!  Hopefully, you will not create someone’s nightmare.


Frog Cakes4

They look so much better un-iced!  So I suppose I’m just going to have to eat the (very delicious) nightmares that will haunt my dreams tonight, so I can hide the fact that they even happened at all.

I’m just gonna leave this here:

Frog Cake

Sweet dreams!!  (I’m barricading my door tonight…)