Marmalade Cake

Cake Number 12: Marmalade Cake (Scotland)

Marmalade Cake1

I don’t know why I’ve never made this cake before, as it’s full of oranges and marmalade and I love marmalade.  If it wasn’t so full of sugar, I’d probably have marmalade on toast for breakfast every day.  (And, in case it wasn’t obvious, I kinda burned the top.  But you can’t really taste it and it gives it a nice crunch!)

Marmalade Cake3

This cake is apparently Scottish and, like the other two Scottish cakes in 80 cakes from around the world (treacle scones and Dundee cake), I’ve never tried it before (I’ve still to make the Dundee cake, but my excuse for never having had it before is that it’s from Dundee and, apart from passing through it on the train on the way to Edinburgh or Glasgow, I’ve never properly been to Dundee before.  I need to rectify that!)

Marmalade Cake2

Before making this cake, I (somewhat naively) thought that my caramel-making skills were pretty good.  Not this cake!  I think I burned the sugar and had to start over about 3 times before finally getting it right.  And I managed to mangle every slice of orange that I caramelised, except for one (which is why it’s the only one that you can see the whole of.  I’ve cleverly – in my opinion – managed to hide the mangled mess of the other oranges…Not…).

Marmalade Cake4

Learning from my mistake with the Tourva coconut cake, I didn’t use all of my syrup on this cake – and I was rewarded when it wasn’t swimming in a puddle of orange goo!  Get in!!  And the taste of this cake – wow!  So orangey!  I love it!  It’s not too overpoweringly sweet, either, which just adds to its charm.  I think I’ll have to make it again – and hopefully have better lucky with making the caramel and not mangling the oranges!