Top 5 Things to do in Cinque Terre


Cinque Terre was definitely a highlight of my trip – everywhere was beautiful and everywhere had an amazing view (even the train stations!).  This is my list of the Top 5 things that you must do when visiting Cinque Terre (which you need to go and do now!).  Be prepared – there are virtually no flat areas – it’s all hills and stairs everywhere!

DSC_06355. Eat some gelato

I think I had gelato every day that I was in Cinque Terre and I do not regret it one bit.  Look at the view you can have while eating it!

IMG_09204. Go on a train journey from Riomaggiore to Monterosso

I don’t think I’ve ever been on a train journey with a more beautiful view before.  Definitely worth travelling the entire length by train (it’s only roughly 30 minutes).  I would have gone on one of the hiking trails but, unfortunately, they were all closed when I visited.  At least it gives me an excuse to go back (not that I need one!)

DSC_05623. Church of San Lorenzo in Manarola

This was definitely my favourite church out of the five towns (and Manarola was my favourite town!).  The inside is beautiful (and there’s a really friendly cat that hangs around outside – I saw it every day I was there!)

Vernazza2. Wander and get lost

Definitely the best way to see the towns – although, they’re so small that it’s almost impossible to get lost!  I met a lot of cats – which I’m not complaining about!

IMG_08701. Visit all five towns

This is a given if you’re visiting Cinque Terre.  My all-time favourite town was Manarola – and I was lucky that Manarola was the town I was staying in – followed by Vernazza, Riomaggiore, Monterosso and then Corniglia – which I climbed a bunch of steps to get to and immediately realised when I reached the top that I could have caught a bus.  I counted the steps on my way down and realised that I had climbed 382 steps in 25 degree heat – with barely any water!  I was melting by the time I reached the top – but I don’t regret it!