Cake Number 10: Pavlova (New Zealand)


If there’s one thing I can make well, it’s a meringue.  And what better way to eat meringue than covered in homemade raspberry sauce and whipped cream and surrounded by berries (the meringue, not the person.  Although, if that’s how you enjoy your meringue then don’t let me stop you!)


For all the meringues I’ve made, I’ve never made a pavlova before, or even a big meringue.  They’re usually smaller (about the size of the small ones in the pictures) and are full of chocolate chunks (so good!).  So, I was quite pleased with how these big ones turned out (but I’ll need to figure out how to stop them from cracking).

As all good meringue should be, these are crunchy on the outside, and chewy on the inside.  And I love my raspberry sauce!  I’m definitely making that again!  It can go with so many things!  Oh, the possibilities!

And (because I’m cool), I felt stupidly happy at how my piping of my homemade whipped cream turned out (even though it’s under the meringue, so you can’t see it).  I’ve never actually piped whipped cream before.  There’s a first time for everything!

I think I’m gonna need to make more of these, cos I can see them getting snapped up!