Treacle Scones

Cake Number 6: Treacle Scones (Scotland)

Treacle Scones1

Admittedly, scones aren’t as interesting as the other cakes in 80 Cakes From Around the World, but, if I’m gonna complete this challenge, then I need to make them.  Good thing I love scones!  As you can probably see in the picture above, a couple of the scones look different.  That’s because they’re cheese.  My mum would have killed me if I’d made scones and not made her any cheese ones.  So I made some cheese ones, because I like being alive 🙂

Scones are amazingly easy to make, and that was definitely the case with these ones.  You’d think, having been born and raised in Scotland, that I would have had a treacle scone before.  But nope!  These are my first.  And they’re delicious – but I definitely need a drink with them.  They’re so sweet!

I haven’t tried the cheese scones – I’m not allowed to… – but my mum seems to like them!

Treacle Scones2